Chapter 8. Beyond Buildroot

8.1. Boot the generated images

8.1.1. NFS boot

To achieve NFS-boot, enable tar root filesystem in the Filesystem images menu.

After a complete build, just run the following commands to setup the NFS-root directory:

sudo tar -xavf /path/to/output_dir/rootfs.tar -C /path/to/nfs_root_dir

Remember to add this path to /etc/exports.

Then, you can execute a NFS-boot from your target.

8.2. Chroot

If you want to chroot in a generated image, then there are few thing you should be aware of:

  • you should setup the new root from the tar root filesystem image;
  • either the selected target architecture is compatible with your host machine, or you should use some qemu-* binary and correctly set it within the binfmt properties to be able to run the binaries built for the target on your host machine;
  • Buildroot does not currently provide host-qemu and binfmt correctly built and set for that kind of use.