Chapter 9. Getting involved

Like any open source project, Buildroot has different ways to share information in its community and outside.

One piece of it is the document you are currently reading ;-).

Each of those ways may interest you if you are looking for some help, want to understand Buildroot or contribute to the project.

9.1. Mailing List

Buildroot has a mailing list for discussion and development.

9.1.1. Subscribing to the mailing list

You can subscribe by visiting Only subscribers to the Buildroot mailing list are allowed to post to this list.

The list is also available through Gmane, at gmane.comp.lib.uclibc.buildroot

9.1.2. Searching the List Archives

Please search the mailing list archives before asking questions on the mailing list, since there is a good chance someone else has asked the same question before. Checking the archives is a great way to avoid annoying everyone on the list with frequently asked questions…

9.2. IRC

The Buildroot IRC is irc:// The channel #buildroot is hosted on Freenode

When asking for help on IRC, share relevant logs or pieces of code using a code sharing website.

9.3. Patchwork

The Buildroot patch management interface is at

All patches and comments sent through the mailing list are automatically indexed in patchwork.

9.4. Bugtracker

The Buildroot bugtracker is at

To open a bug, see Section 10.4, “Reporting issues/bugs, get help”.

9.5. Buildroot wikipage

After the Buildroot developer day on February 3, 2012, a page dedicated to Buildroot has been created on

This page is reachable at

Currently, this page is mainly used as a todo-list.

9.6. Events

9.6.1. Buildroot Developer Days aside ELC-E 2012 (November 3-4, 2012 - Barcelona)

9.6.2. Buildroot presentation at LSM 2012 (July 12-14, 2012 - Geneva)

9.6.3. Buildroot Developer Days aside FOSDEM 2012 (February 3, 2012 - Brussels)